CBBC Faculty Profile

Rom Harre, B Phil, D Litt
Adjunct Professor, Philosophy Department

Campus Address:
White-Gravenor, Room 306G

Mailing Address:
Psychology Dept, Georgetown University, Washington, DC 20057

Tel: 202-276-1410
Fax: 202-338-3893
E-mail: harre@georgetown.edu

Research Interests:
Analysis of cognitive processes and connectionist modeling of neurostructures required.

Research Summary:
The study of language-carried cognitive processes, particularly as these occur in conversations and other interpersonal communication patterns; working with connectionist specialists on PDP models of such processes, both at the group level and the individual level. Also non-linguistic cognitive media.

Populations Studied:
Natural language as a cognitive medium; computational modeling; Scientists engaged in research, political and other disputants.

Methods Used:
Naturalistic analysis of language use, repertory grid analysis of cognitive resources, positioning theory analyses of distributions of speaking rights in a micropopulation.

Courses in the analysis of speech and other cognitive media (for example iconic models), elements of computational modeling.